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LIVE REVIEW: Thunderstorm Artis at the Attic in Tampa, FL on August 11th, 2022


Photos and Review by Jennifer Coelho
Lineup: Thunderstorm Artis, Matt Walden
Date: August 11, 2022
Location: The Attic in Tampa, Florida

Sitting on the upper level of the Rock Brothers Brewery, The Attic is an intimate venue that seats 137 people and a rich backstory. Located in historic Ybor City, the red brick building which dates back to 1895 when it was Tampa’s first hardware store still contains many details of its initial inception. From the original hardwood floors to the conversion of the building’s original elevator shaft, now home to the venue’s bar, the Attic is nothing short of a magical experience for both event go-ers and performers alike.

In fact, that may be exactly why the people of Tampa eagerly showed up on this Friday night. As Saint Petersburg’s own, Matt Walden took to the stage, the crowd was deeply engaged and noticeably smiling throughout his set. Performing both acoustic guitar and keyboard, Walden’s setlist consisted of mostly original numbers including his upcoming song set to be released on September 2nd entitled, “She’s All Mine.” Inspired by his significant other of over six years, the 6:30 up-tempo number is catchy enough to make you forget all about its run time.

After a brief intermission Thunderstorm Artis was warmly welcomed to the stage opening with the song, “Summertime.” Taking advantage of the intimate surroundings of the Attic the setlist was a mixture of pre-planned and in the moment with many of the song choices were inspired by an ongoing “question and answer” session Artis encouraged the audience to participate between songs. In fact, the informal atmosphere made the evening feel more like a night between friends vs. performer and audience as stories of Artis musical past were told that night. It didn’t hurt that a few of Artis childhood friends were in attendance either, or that one had planned a proposal that night!

Adding to the noteworthy performance, Thunderstorm brought his wife Faith on stage with him to join him on vocals for two songs, “Sedona” and “Wildfire.” The harmonies between the duo were breathtakingly gorgeous and added even more depth to their lyrics. After a few additional numbers, the night seemed to end much too soon with Artis closing the show with his rendition of “Amazing Grace.” All in all, if either of these artists happen to be playing in your area it’s highly recommended that you go to see them play. Both artists music can be found on Spotify or your preferred streaming platform.

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