Interview by: Alexia Blue

Jacksonville, NC based concert and tour photographer Sarah Carmody recently returned back to the Carolinas after going on yet another tour with rock band Shallow Side! Lucky for us, Manor 208 got the wonderful opportunity to sit down with the photog and chat about what it’s like being a touring photographer, 2019 goals, and advice for those new to the concert photography scene!

Alexia: How did you get into concert photography?

Sarah: My friend was security for Five Finger Death Punch and he invited me to a show and asked if I wanted a photo pass. I initially said no I just want to enjoy the night, then said okay I’ll try it out and from that moment on I loved it and knew that’s what I wanted to do. I even drove up to Maryland a week early before Thanksgiving to shoot them again.

Alexia: What is it like being a tour photographer?

Sarah: It is crazy, haha! I love it though the environment is so fast paced and so creative. You’re there with other artists and music is always playing, you see so many new things. On occasion we get to do the tourist thing, Mount Rushmore etc. My nights are late and my mornings are early to stay on top of my work load. Also I have multiple responsibilities on tour, everyone does because you’re not just out there alone, you’re apart of a team.

Alexia: What are some of the biggest differences you have noticed in the industry between the time you started and now?

Sarah: I have noticed more bands becoming a little more selective about who they approve as well as festivals. The entire music world has become a harder field to work in, which is sad but I’m Thankful I still have a place in it.

Alexia: What has been one of the most impactful never forget moment of your career so far?

Sarah: The call I got asking if I still wanted to go on tour. I got off the phone and screamed! I had been trying for a full year to get out on tour with Shallow Side for more than just a four or five day run in my area. There just was not a place for me at the time to be full time out there. So I had started to kind of give up hope and figure out what my alternative plan was then I got the call and it changed everything.

Alexia: Any exciting goals for 2019 you have planned?

Sarah: My hopes is to get more into videography, as well as make it to another country!

Alexia: If you could share one piece of advice with new concert photographers what would it be?

Sarah: Make as many connections as you can, you never know where it will land you this includes shooting opener bands or bands you don’t know. Don’t burn bridges because while it seems like this business is huge it truly is small. Everyone knows Everyone haha and keep practicing, don’t limit yourself.

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