Alexia Blue
Editor In Chief

I'm Alexia or, as some know me, The Photographer with the cons! I am also the founder and Editor In Chief of 208. I started in music when I was 14 and I've been involved ever since!

Allyssa Arens
Junior Editor

I’m Allyssa (pronouns they/she), and I’m a photographer, writer and Junior Editor here at 208! Having never left my middle school “emo phase”, I want to give back to the community that meant so much to me as a teen by helping keep the scene alive <3.

Jennifer Coelho
Junior Editor

My name is Jennifer or Jenn - freelance music photographer currently based in the Southwest. My favorite genres are an eclectic mix of music ranging from folk, classical to alternative pop. 

Ann Storlie
Staff Photographer
Hi! I'm Ann, and I'm a music photographer in Chicago, IL. I love capturing the magic of a show and spreading the word about new and up-and-coming artists.
Casey Conemac
Staff Photographer
Hi my name is Casey Conemac I am a freelance photographer based in Oregon. I have been a freelance music photographer for about 6 years now. My favorite genres are both metal and punk. 
This all started with my obsession to mix music and photography together. I hope one day to be a touring photographer and see the world. 
Christine Suciu
Staff Photographer

Hello! My name is Cristina and I’m a concert photographer based in NYC (but really travel anywhere and everywhere!) I started photography about 4 years ago mainly shooting film and have since focused a lot of my work on digital, but still shoot film whenever I can. I look forward to working with everyone and growing in the field!

Hollie Duffy
Staff Writer

I’m Hollie, the pop culture fiend. As a huge multi-genre music fan you’ll see me talking about any and every new release from Gracie Abrams to Kid Cudi!

Eric Jackson
Staff Photographer - Original 208 Staff
I started in the music scene as a security guard/bouncer for the Throne Theater (208 Market Street) in Wilmington NC. I enjoy music of all types but love metal music. I have always wanted to try concert photography and am really looking forward to the opportunities that Manor 208 will open up for me. 
Abbey Fry
Staff Photographer
Hello! My name is Abbey and I’m a concert photographer based in Newfoundland Canada. I started photography about 10 years ago mainly shooting lifestyle and wildlife but have recently switched my focus to concert photography. I love music and photography and when I found out I could join those to loves together I was hooked. 
Dan Merlino
Staff Photographer

I’m Dan. I’m a concert photographer and an active musician in the Oklahoma City area. I am also a veteran, engineer, and an aspiring photojournalist. Music is a major part of my life and I cannot wait to expand that horizon through photography. Looking forward to this journey and I’m excited to be a part of the 208 team

Mac Starnes
Staff Photographer

My name is Mac Starnes, and I am a concert photographer in Orlando, Florida. I have shot many concerts throughout the years in small and big venues. I am currently a house photographer for two venues in my city. My hobbies are concert photography, gaming, watching anime, and reading manga. 

Amelia Kenworthy
Staff Photographer

my name is Amelia (or Mia for short) and I'm a music photographer based in the north west of the uk! i started my career in music photography quite recently after having a passion for it for years and finally getting the courage to do what i love and enjoy most!! 

Alexie Jung
Staff Writer

I’m Alexie, a music publicist during the day and Christmas movies addict at night!

I started my career in music with booking in 2018 (my biggest highlight being to work on Elton John’s Tour in France) and slowly discovered the PR world. After 3 years of working with artists from the USA, all over Europe and South Korea, I’m more passionate than ever about helping artists get their music out to the world. What's better than being able to write about your favorite artists on a daily basis?

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