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Interview: Kēvens and “Legal Dreamers”


We got to chat with Kēvens, the multi-talented artist known for his captivating performances and thought-provoking music about his new release, “Legal Dreamers”. This dynamic track merges the infectious rhythms of Reggae with the pulsating energy of EDM, creating an anthem that transcends genres and captivates audiences worldwide.

– Who’s behind the name Kēvens?
The least of God’s servants is behind that name. One who is doing his best to unite people from all corners of the globe through music.
– “Legal Dreamers” combines the infectious rhythms of Reggae with the pulsating energy of EDM. What inspired you to merge these two genres together?
These genres have been mixed before, I just took things to a deeper level. Something I have been working on for decades. During the pandemic , I had time to think about redefining my reggae roots and EDM’s. Legal Dreamers is the first in a series of songs you’ll be hearing from me in future releases with that vibe.
– How did you come up with the concept and lyrics for “Legal Dreamers”? Can you share any personal experiences that influenced the song?
“Legal Dreamers” is a song that was in my archives for years. During the pandemic, I started to retrain my vocal cords and was determined to put out my very best next time around.I saw a story in the news about a US Veteran who got deported back to Mexico, that really upset me. I decided to do a rewrite to the song right there and then.

– “Legal Dreamers” is described as a unifying force in an increasingly divided world. How do you believe music can bring people together and bridge cultural differences?
Children before they were programmed by adult’s imaginary differences use to play together. We used to be those children, don’t you agree? How do we override the evil forces that cause us to war, demean and betray one and other? Music . And the music I write is an invitation to come together and dance.

– The cover design for “Legal Dreamers” is visually striking. Can you tell us about the collaboration with Polonsky Design and the inspiration behind the artwork?
The picture was taken by the magnificent French photographer Veronique Vial. With all honesty, I don’t particularly thought it needed anything added to it until I finished the song. I sent Anna (Polonsky Design/Polonsky Arts) the picture then the song, I told her I need to look like a messenger from the deep past who has also been to the future, one who looks like he knows the way. The cover had to look ancient, futuristic including a semi robotic eye yet simple . Anna delivered just like she has on my website kevens.com and all of my other releases she designed over the years except for “Find Your Light”

– What’s coming next for you?
I already have the follow up song lined up. My team advised me to let “Legal Dreamers” reach its people by giving it time to spread. God willing, in two months or so, I will start responding to those concert offers for later in the year and early next year.


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