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Palaye Royale at Irving Plaza on May 20th 2019

Photos and Review by: Jessica Clemente

It was a very exciting event at Irving Plaza on May 20 for Palaye Royale’s “The Funeral” tour. The diehard fans amongst the crowd with them cheering as their stage was being setup. Once the “Palaye Royale” sign lit up and roses were being placed in front of the drum set the fans started to get ready for the band. The all ages crowd were packed right up front, and were just as excited to be there to sing their hearts out. The band’s set began with heavy guitars and an exciting hook.The beginning of their song “Don’t Feel Quite Right” built up the anticipation of the frontman, Remington, entering the stage. The energy was so strong from the getgo, Sebastian (Guitarist) jumps on the barricade to play while the crowd went haywire. Frontman Remington brought his mic stand close to the crowd to hear them sing along to the chrous. The next song “I Wanna Be Your Dog (The Stooges cover)” Remington pointed to the crowd and made them follow him as they were asked to put their hands up in the air. Sebastian joined his brother Remington of making the crowd start puttng their hands together to clap, as the stage was getting rowdy of the jumping, signing and energy of the crowd made anyone lose themselves in the music. The next song was “You’ll Be Fine” which was a crowd favorite as the set is a thrill to experience. Remington leaped to the crowd as they held his legs to balance him out and supported the frontman as he yelled into the mic. The audience couldn’t keep calm on close they were to the frontman, when returning to the stage Sebastian and bass player had a session of playing riffs at the same time. When finishing “You’ll Be Fine” they continue to play more crowd favorites like “Death Dance” and “Masochist”. Before playing “Dying In A Hot Tub” Remington spoke to the crowd saying “New York City How are you feeling? Thank you for being here on a fucking Monday, It is okay if we play a sad song,” the crowd yelled throughtout the venue. As “Dying In A Hot Tub” Rem went down to the barricade of the stage to have an internate moment with the crowd as the song was being performed and when the chorus came on the crowd singing echoed around. As the show was coming to an end, the frontman talk to the audience once again “New York, Make some fucking noise, fuck school and work have some fucking fun.” then lead on to play “Mr. Doctor Man”. The crowd started to jump, put their hands up and down in the air. Before closing with “All My Friends” the frontman spoke “Are you fucking ready to sing with me?” the crowd cheered for the second to last time and Remington went to the pit to sing with the crowd. Remington found a way to climb the venue to the crowd on the upper barricades, keep singing and jump down a middle level and go back on stage. Sebastian jumped onto the middle level to play his bass and say hi to the crowd on the upper barricade. It lead the audience wanting more and the show ended. PR-16PR-15PR-14PR-13PR-12PR-11PR-10PR-9PR-8PR-7PR-6PR-5PR-4PR-3PR-2

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