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LIVE REVIEW: Babygirl at Theater of Living Arts in Philadelphia, PA on November 21st 2021


Photographer: Gina Monahan

Artist: Babygirl

Location: Theater of Living Arts – Philadelphia, PA

Date: November 21st, 2021

As I walked into the Theater of Living Arts, a concert venue nestled between cheesesteak joints and eclectic shops on Philadelphia’s iconic South Street, I was pleasantly surprised to see just how packed the place already was. Hundreds of fans buzzed in anticipation as they waited for Babygirl and Jeremy Zucker to hit the stage. Babygirl, a pop rock group consisting of Kiki Frances on vocals, Cameron “Bright” Breithaupt on guitar, and Miles Breithaupt on drums, just wrapped up their current tour supporting Jeremy.

Babygirl was undoubtedly one of the highlights of the night.  The crowd was instantly drawn to them as soon as they opened with “You Were in my Dream Last Night” off of their new EP Losers Weepers that released earlier this year.  The crowd sang along to each track.  They played 7 songs in total, including a well received cover of Taylor Swift’s “Treacherous”.  They also performed a brand new song, lovingly named “You, Me, and my Car” that went over so well that someone even shouted “When is it coming out!?” Kiki responded, “Next year!” In which the crowd booed in disappointment that they’d have to wait that long.  Kiki laughed and replied, “It’s only a couple months!” The crowd cheered in excitement at the news.  

One of my favorite things about Babygirl is their ability to bring a bit of solid rock to their live performances. Kiki’s angelic vocals paired perfectly with the soft electric guitars and rhythmic drums of Cameron and Miles.  Kiki even picked up a guitar for a few songs! The trio was enveloped in beautiful pink and blue lights that fit their vibe perfectly.  All three had great chemistry on stage, consistently smiling at each other as they progressed through their set.  You could tell they were having just as much fun as the crowd was! Babygirl ended with their classic “Wish I Never Met You” from their 2018 EP Lovers Fevers.

Babygirl – Theater of Living Arts, Philadelphia, PA 11/21/21

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