After a 10 year break, the acclaimed cinematic rock band Globus returned this February with a brand new single titled “You and I” off of their upcoming album Cinematica, set to release later this year. Globus, founded by award-winning composer Yoav Goren, is a band unlike any other. They are made up of multiple composers, singers, and writers, allowing for each of their songs to feel like their own unique cinematic experience.  

On February 25th, Globus released their brand new track “You and I”. The song, written and performed by Dann Pursey, is a hard-hitting power ballad that tugs at your heartstrings while still delivering a rich and satisfying rock experience. This song is reminiscent of previous singles such as “Save Me” and “Orchard of Mines”, two extremely powerful songs from their past releases Break From This World and Epicon, respectively. “You and I” starts out slow and unassuming, but soon blossoms into the full orchestral landscape that is so characteristic of Globus’ work. 

“You and I” is a track that acknowledges the difficulties and pain that comes with a relationship while emphasizing the importance of fighting for that love.  “You and I are worth the fight // I’ve said it all before”  The lyrics are simple, but are ones that everyone can relate to.  

In an Instagram post from March 4th, Dann explained his creative process behind the brand new track: 

“‘You and I’ is one of my favorite songs I’ve written. It was written in a time where me and my girlfriend were going through some tough moments. She was truly worth the fight though and is now my wife. My lyrics are never direct and are always quite abstract as I don’t like literal descriptions. I’d much rather have sentences or phrases that point you to feelings and then a few lines that drum home a meaning.”

I truly can’t wait to see what else Globus has in store for us this year.  

You can follow Globus on Facebook and Instagram.  You can stream “You and I” here.

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