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LIVE REVIEW: Night Club at the Milkboy in Philadelphia, PA on April 8th


Photographer: Gina Monahan
Artist: Night Club
Location: the Milkboy, Philadelphia, PA
Date: April 8th, 2022

Last Friday night, Night Club packed the Milkboy, a small yet lively bar that sits right at the corner of 11th and Chestnut in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Unbeknownst to the bar guests downstairs, the second floor of the bar would soon light up with catchy synth beats and pulsing lights. The electronic-pop duo is halfway through their headlining nation wide “Die in the Disco” tour along with Holy Wars as their opener.

Night Club consists of singer Emily Kavanaugh and keyboardist Mark Brooks. Together the two create a fun, dance-filled night of gothic synth-pop that will leave you ready to party until the sun comes up. Night Club opened with the namesake of the tour “Die in the Disco”. Because the Milkboy is so compact and doesn’t have a proper backstage area, Kavanaugh literally ran through the crowd, smiling and microphone in hand, and swiftly jumped onto the stage. The next hour would be full of energy and excitement from both the artist and the audience.

Night Club also preformed crowd favorites such as “Miss Negativity”, “Candy Coated Suicide”, and “Gossip”. Their encore consisted of the track “Dear Enemy”.

You can find additional tour dates here, and you can follow Night Club on Instagram here.

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