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LIVE REVIEW: Oh Wonder and Winona Oak At The Belasco In Los Angeles, CA

Photos And Review By: Hailey Eglen

Artist: Oh Wonder

Opener: Winona Oak

Date: May 31st, 2022

Location:The Belasco –Los Angeles,CA

Oh Wonder ended their North American tour this past Monday 05/31 in Los Angeles at The Belasco. As the door time started to creep up the line was wrapped around the corner of the venue.

To start the night opener Winona Oak started her set with hit song’Break my Broken Heart’ and songs Radio’ and ‘Nothing To Lose’. Throughout her set she had the crowd super engaged, there was screams of support and people were singing along and enjoying her recently released songs like ‘Baby Blue’ and ‘Jojo’

After her set  a fan complimented Josh who plays keyboard for Winona on his energy and neck work to which her responded “thanks it’s all yoga”

Next it was time for headliners Oh Wonder to take the stage. They Started off the set with their song ‘Better Now’ from their 2020 album and their hit song ‘Without You’ from 2015 self titled debut album. 

The energy of the venue that night was off the charts with the band mentioning many times how loud the crowd was compared to the other shows that tour. In the back of the pit as some fans screamed at the top of their lungs there were also fathers dancing with their daughters, couples slow dancing, and friends also dancing around together.

To end the night Oh Wonder played their song ‘Hallelujah’ to which they engaged in a little game with the crowd to see which side of the venue could be the loudest; the left side went first and although they were loud they were no match for the right side of the venue.

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