LIVE REVIEW: Black Label Society at the Apollo Theater in Belvidere, IL on May 5, 2022

Black Label Society are metal masters that bring about a variety of emotions through their music. This couldn’t be more true when they took the stage at the Apollo Theater in Belvidere, IL on May 5, 2022. From the first notes of “Bleed For Me” to the last chords of “Stillborn”, BLS delivered a roller coaster of hardcore highs and calming ballads that kept the nearly sold out crowd on their toes.

As the curtain dropped on the set, Zakk Wylde is on a riser, rocking back and forth with hair flying everywhere. He is joined by bandmates John “JD” DeServio on bass, Jeff Fabb on drums, and Dario Lorina on rhythm guitar.

Throughout the night, Zakk and Dario trade off solos and throw in a couple of dueling leads for good measure. All the while, JD and Jeff keep the beat going flawlessly. Around the middle of the set, Zakk sits down at the piano and slows things down as BLS plays “Spoke In The Wheel” and “In This River” which he dedicates to Vinnie Paul and Dimebag.

BLS belted out 14 songs in their 90 minute set, with songs ranging from their beginnings in 1999 through present day. After being warmed up by Jared James Nichols and Nita Strauss, BLS put on a show that everyone in the theater would remember for quite some time!

SET LIST: Bleed For Me – Demise of Sanity – Destroy & Conquer – Heart of Darkness – A Love Unreal – You Made Me Want To Live – The Blessed Hellride – Spoke In The Wheel – In This River – Trampled Down Below – Set You Free – Fire It Up – Suicide Messiah – Stillborn

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