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Live Review: Dean Lewis On Tour At The Fonda Theatre In Los Angeles


Photos And Review By: Hailey Eglen

Artist: Dean Lewis

Openers: Forest Blakk & Camylio

Date: June 8th, 2022

Location: The Fonda Theatre –Los Angeles,CA

Dean Lewis brought his ‘Sad Boi Winter Summer Tour’ to The Fonda Theatre on Wednesday June 8th with openers Camylio and Forest Blakk.

To start the night off, Camylio performed a few songs on the piano including his latest single “I Tried” and “unbreak” from his 2021 EP ‘all the songs I used to love’ Camylio also performed Adele’s hit song “Someone Like You” which had the whole venue singing along.

Next to the stage was Forest Blakk who performed songs including ‘I Wish I Knew’ and “I Saw Love’ from his 2020 EP “Sideways” and his 2020 single ‘Foolish’. Before his song ‘Foolish ‘Forest asked if “there were any lovers in the crowd” to which he then dedicated the song to.

It was now time for Dean Lewis to take the stage; he walks on to a silhouetted stage with the audience cheering at the top of their lungs as he starts his set off with his 2021 Single ‘Falling Up’ followed by his songs ‘Stay Awake’ and ‘7 Minutes’ from his 2019 album “A Place We Knew.” As the set goes on, the crowd sways along and sings the words to every song while Lewis plays the guitar. For the songs ‘Scares Me’ and ‘Half A Man’ he then performs those on the piano. At one point during the set, Dean also plays the song ‘How Do I Say Goodbye,’ which is a song he wrote about his father. At the end of his set, Dean says goodbye and then comes back on stage after a mirage of “encore” and “two more song” chants. He ends the night with songs ‘Adore’ which is his take on artist Amy Shark’s 2016 hit followed by his 2016 hit debut single ‘Waves’

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