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Live Review: Circle Jerks w/Negative Approach & 7 Seconds at Crystal Ballroom, Portland Oregon July 1st, 2022


Review & Photography by: Casey Conemac
Artist: Circle Jerks, Negative Approach & 7 Seconds.
Location: Crystal Ballroom, Portland Oregon
Date: July 1st, 2022

Circle Jerks have been a staple punk band since the 80’s. Their biggest body of work has been great albums such as “Group Sex” & “Wild in the Streets”. This tour has been the biggest outing that fans have seen in years. Given that this tour was canceled at least twice, and the band having some time off in between, they made the decision to celebrate both albums turning 40 years. The setlist was stacked with a 33 song set that would have many breaks in between.

The first band Negative Approach took to the stage. Their guitarist has built a reputation of playing the whole show facing his amp never showing his face to the crowd. In true punk rock fashion the band rip through their set with fast strumming and aggressive momentum. I was surprised to see how many adults brought their kids to the show. It’s cool to know that the old generation is keeping punk alive by showing their kids what they grew up listening to.

Negative Approach’s sound is what would be later categorized as early hardcore. Unfortunately, they didn’t catch on like Black Flag and Minor Threat, but were an integral part of help paving the way hardcore would sound today.

7Seconds were up next, they had great crowd engagement. Their setlist had a good mix of old school punk songs and even a couple ballads. A highlight of the show was a cover they did of “99 Red Balloons”. 7Seconds formed in the 80’s and were the longest living group from the Cali punk wave. The momentum was at a high in this part of the night and everyone was moving. There were multiple circle pits and people crowd surfing the stage.

It was almost time to see the final act. The band approaches the stage and engage in an open discussion. Keith Morris, the lead singer of Circle Jerks, is talking to the crowd like he has seen an old friend and is catching up. He finishes his speech and then without ado re-introduces himself “We are the Circle Jerks”. He goes head first into the song, the crowd just eats it up.

Circle Jerks have a reputation for a rowdy, noisy, off the wall nuts show. By the time the third song is up, there is chaos everywhere, we were told if it gets too rowdy we will have move out the barricade. Some of the songs included in the setlist were “Wild in the Streets”, “Live Fast Die Young”, & “Letterbomb” to name a few. They finished out the show with hits like “I Wanna Destroy You”, “What’s The Problem”, & “Question Authority”.

Be sure to check out Circle Jerks this summer. Support includes Descendents, Adolescents, 7Seconds, & Negative Approach

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