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Photos And Review By: Alexia Blue

Artist: Big Time Rush

Date: July 15th, 2022

Location: Red Hat Amphitheater – Raleigh, NC

On Friday, July 15th in Raleigh, NC, Big Time Rush put on what I would consider to be the best show of the summer 2022 season! Filled with back flips, running through the crowds, and “World Wide Girls”. There truly is no way to top this incredible set. 

Though the weather was cloudy and rainy, Rushers came from as far as Mexico to attend this specific sold out date of the tour. 

With many unforgettable moments, the opening of their set truly sat the bar higher than anyone could imagine. There was a massive curtain covering the stage, illuminated with the colorful text “Big Time Rush Forever Tour”. Fans were anxiously and excitedly chanting and screaming “BTR” before the set even had a chance to begin, building anticipation like no other. 

Kicking off the show, the massive curtain dropped to the ground, revealing the silhouettes of all four members standing on stage risers. The crowd instantly erupted in excited cheers as the song “Windows Down” began to echo across the crowd. Fans were jumping along in sync with the group as they witnessed James Maslow’s signature back flip on stage that he executed with a killer smile. 

Playing both classic fan favorites like “Halfway There” and brand new tracks such as “Honey”, fans were in for a jam packed lineup that would have them on their feet the entire night. 

After tee shirts were thrown, and confetti cannons fired, we reached a slow part in the set with a very special surprise for four lucky fans, aka “World Wide Girls” were asked to join BTR on stage as they performed my personal favorite song, “Worldwide”. What made this so incredible was that one of these young ladies happened to be a fan who traveled all the way from Mexico just to attend the concert. Carlos PenaVega happily shared her story with the audience and even sang his solo piece of the song down on one knee to her, while Kendall Schmidt slow danced on the opposite end of the stage with one of the other four girls. 

Following this intimate performance, things sped back up for “Time Of Our Life” and “Paralyzed” as all four members excitedly ran out into the crowd to perform the high energy song. This made the entire audience feel included in the music filled night. Even band member, Logan Henderson,  experienced a first! As he ran back on stage, he announced to the crowd that he’d just done his first crowd dive ever off of some boxes lining the venue walkways, and the fans didn’t disappoint! 

The crowd continued to jam out to another round of amazing throw backs including, “Til I Forget About you” and “Big Time”. We were finally at the end of this unforgettable show, and they closed out the night with their hit song “Boyfriend”. The crowd roared with an excited shriek as the intro began to play, and everyone was ready to sing and dance along one final time with these incredibly talented musicians! What a special night. 

As confetti flew through the air one last time, I couldn’t help but take in how genuinely excited the guys in Big Time Rush seemed to be performing. With a crowd connection unlike any I’ve ever witnessed in all my years of attending shows, it was crystal clear why their fans had been so dedicated to them for so many years. There was no denying that they love what they do, and they love their fans in an indescribable way. That fact alone is enough to explain why their show was something filled with moments that’ll be talked about by Rushers for years to come. 

For those that are skeptical as to what a Big Time Rush Show may be, know this for certain: as someone who has seen well over a thousand concerts, this one has officially won the title of my favorite show of all time. Without question, I would encourage anyone who’s considering catching a date of this phenomenal tour, to absolutely go! I can promise, you’ll be in for a night you will never forget. 

I’m Alexia or, as some know me, The Photographer with the cons! I am also the founder and editor of 208. I started in music when I was 14 and I’ve been involved ever since!

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