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INTERVIEW: Luciano Santos And ‘No Sense (Stripped)’

Luciano Santos

Interview by: Alexie Jung

Brazilian-born pop singer-songwriter Luciano Santos is ready to make a mark for himself in the music industry. After his cinematic-pop debut single ‘Glimpses’ in June 2022, the artist is already releasing his third track of the year. ‘No Sense (Stripped)’ is an acoustic version of his pop song with a truthful and personal meaning.

We had a litte chat with Luciano to talk about his music, influences and goals.

– Hi Luciano, it’s a pleasure to have you! How would you describe yourself to someone who’s never heard of you?

I would describe myself as a hopeless romantic haha. I love some chilled-out love songs but I also like something to dance to and have fun with. So my music is a mixture of both.

– You released your debut single back in June 2022 and it is already your third release in September. How does it feel to have your music out to the world?

It feels great! I always dreamed of putting out music but I never thought it would feel so surreal and incredible. I love getting feedback from people (especially my friends and family.) It really brings me joy when someone says that they liked my song.

– Why did you decide to release a stripped version of ‘No Sense’?

‘No Sense’ is essentially a sad song but with a happy and upbeat groove. I thought the stripped version would complement the song really well.

– Who is your dream collaboration?

My dream collaboration is with none other than Niall Horan. I’m really inspired by his albums “Flicker” and  “Heartbreak Weather”. I have been listening to his music nonstop since right before the pandemic hit in 2020.

– What are your plans moving forward with your music career?

I just want to keep putting out music and grow as an artist. That means trying different sounds and evolving. I also want to do a tour during the summer of next year.

 -What can we expect from you for the rest of the year/early 2023?

I’m going to be releasing four covers of some of my favorite songs. Those covers are going to lead up to my own original songs that I will be releasing as an EP early next year.



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