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LIVE REVIEW: Collective Soul at Hard Rock Live in Orlando on Sept. 16th


This concert experience gave me many first-time experiences, I will never forget because it was my first time seeing Collective Soul and hearing their music, my first time shooting at a seated concert and at Hard Rock Live, and my first time shooting a show while the power went out for a little. Collective Soul stormed onto the rock scene back in 1993 with their song “Shine” on the album Hints, Allegations, and Things Left Unsaid. They haven’t skipped a beat ever since and it shows on their summer tour with Switchfoot! The show started up with one of their newest songs called “Cut the Cord” while Ed Roland walks in with a flashy jacket so epically the beginning of the first song moving the mic stand. My thoughts immediately were this show will be really something else! A couple of minutes in, the power went out, and then quickly the band grabbed acoustic guitars and finished up the song on acoustic guitars. This moment in the show was very unexpected, yet something that everyone in that venue will remember because those moments come rarely. I love how they continue the show in the middle of a power outage because it shows how they appreciate their fans for being there enjoying their music. After that, the power went back on, and they continue the set. I enjoyed the high energy of all the band members, especially Ed Roland. He knows how to get the crowd excited and hyped! Every time I saw an artist, or a band, performing for a long time like Collective Soul, I am still amazed by their energy levels and memorize their songs. Overall, I very much so liked my time with this show!

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