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Live Review: Gwar w/Crobot & Nekrogoblikon at Roseland Theater, Portland Oregon September 30th, 2022


Gwar has been a band for over 30+ years now, they have gone through line-up changes and a continuous rotation of characters. But what’s still intact is the legacy that Dave Brockie help create. For those that don’t know Dave Brockie was the lead singer (1985-2014). It’s so much more than that though, it’s a whole team of passionate artists, musicians, & cast molders. People still come far and wide to get blood spewed on them. The diehard fans are still around but there is new blood to pass on the torch. Gwar is to be experienced in a live setting; it’s hard to conceptualize what it’s like to go to one of their shows without being in the audience. Oh, and always wear a white shirt – it’s the unwritten law of Gwar.

The night started off with Nekrogoblikon, I mean who doesn’t love a goblin roaming on stage. Their sound is like if you put DragonForce on steroids and amplified the bass. The main selling point for me was the goblin. Their set included songs “Golden Future”, “Dressed As Goblins”, & “Powercore”. Formed in Los Angles circa 2006, Nekrogoblikon has since gained a pretty big following.

The one band that really stole the show for me was Crobot. They started the show off with a big giant majestic egg in the middle of the stage. The lights go dim and then in a flash of a second, you see the lead singer jumping out of this giant egg and you’re off to the races with the mighty roar of guitars wailing. The lead singer had so much energy, very charismatic and theatrical. Their sound is punchy, in your face, and messy. It’s like that acid rock your dad used to listened to back in high school. They kept the crowd engaged and livened up the mood a bit. Their setlist included “Electrified”, “Low Life”, & “Gasoline”.

The spectacle that is Gwar keeps me coming back time after time. I don’t know if it’s the costumes, being sprayed with blood, or the catchy songs. This love obsession started about 5 years ago when my friend invited me to see them in Virginia, after that show I was sold. Some song highlights from the show included “Bring Back the Bomb”, “Ratcatcher”, & “Rise Again”. I was also lucky enough to share the photo pit with Danger Ehren the guy from Jackass. Whatever you do, don’t miss out on this tour.

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