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INTERVIEW: Kaysien and ‘Elements’ EP


Interview by: Alexie Jung

– Hi Kaysien and Happy New Year! We’re curious to know what made you want to pursue a career in the music industry?

Hello and Happy New Year to you too! Ha ha, I’ve been quite curious about that myself for sometime! I knew I wanted to work with music from a young age. An Artistic family sowed that seed and as time passed on I came to realise just how deep music runs in me. I dream of songs, lyrics, grooves, I catch myself humming original melodies often without realising I am doing so, I feel the rhythm in my body, I can visualise instruments, sounds and frequencies. It’s a calling underpinned by my intention to lift people up.

– You’ve just released a new EP titled ‘Elements’. Can you tell us a little bit about each track?

I have! It’s on all streaming platforms and you can purchase a CD from the Deliberator record shop online. ‘Elements’ is composed of four tracks, each being different from the last in mood and style. The motif of the EP is self-identity. The first track’, Air’, is a Jazzed up solo piano song which incorporates some unexpected changes and light chord voicings, to me it represents a soothing feeling of openness and my White British heritage. Next up is ‘Earth’. I wanted to express my African heritage so I incorporated a rootsy Afro Beat kind of vibe with Shamanic flourishes and vocal chants. The third track is ‘Water’. This is a beautifully simple piece of music, written and performed on the piano. It is again a soothing track which represents my Indian heritage which I believe I have captured in the recording. The final track of the EP is ‘Fire’. At it’s core this track represents the Carib Indian in me. Another rootsy tune that hits hard with its instrumentation and raw vocalisations. 

– Your album artworks are always true pieces of art! We know that illustration is important in your process to express yourself, so have you ever thought about creating a music video through illustration?

Thank you very much! It is. It adds another dimension to the meaning of the music, another layer representing the Human Condition. I’ve made some 8-bit, pixellated animated music & lyric videos for the tracks that comprised the ‘BC Chronicles’ which are up on my youtube channel – @KaysienMusic. I’m considering creating shadow puppet videos for the tracks on ‘Elements’ which will bring a certain charm to the concept. Not music videos through illustration but there is certainly a link there!

– Where do you take your inspiration from?

From this small planet, within a galaxy, within a gargantuan universe, which leads to where no-one knows…inspiration is in every breath, every moment, every encounter.

– What can we wish you for this new and fresh year?

That’s a very kind question! I’m doing pretty good all in all, just need more ears on the music 😀

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