Home » LIVE REVIEW: Wallows at Manchester Academy

Photos and Review by: Amelia Kenworthy

Lineup: Wallows

Location: Manchester Academy, Manchester, UK

Date: January 11, 2023

Wallows, an American alt indie band, are showing their raw talent wherever they go! I got the chance to watch Wallows preform live at Manchester Academy on 11th January. Starting off their set with a crowd favourite ‘I Don’t Wanna Talk,’ cheers echoed through the crowd as they played the first notes. The bands’ energy was mimicked by the audience as members jumped around the stage and made jokes with the crowd. The 21 song set flew by for everyone, ending shortly after it seemed to have started. The band chose to end their show with their 600m stream song ‘Are You Bored Yet?’ and as expected, the sold out 2000 capacity gig erupted into excitement, singing and phone torches flooding the air until it came to an end. Before leaving, front man Dylan Minnette stated “Manchester were the loudest crowd,” and ended with goodbyes as the audience filled the venue with applause.

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