Home » Third Eye Blind: A Smoke Show at The National

Do do do yourself a favor and run to the nearest box office to see Third Eye Blind! The band took the stage to rapturous applause, and wasted no time launching into their set with “Company” & “Graduate”. From then on, the band played a mix of old favorites and newer material, showcasing their incredible musicianship and energy.

Highlights of the set included “Jumper,” “How’s It Going to Be,” and “Never Let You Go,” all of which had the crowd singing and dancing along. The band also threw in a few surprises, including a 30 minute intimate acoustic set! 

Overall, Third Eye Blind put on an amazing show that reminded everyone in the audience just how great their music is. They played with skill, passion, and an infectious joy that was impossible to resist. If you ever have the chance to see them live, do do do it! 

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