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Live Review: Underoath w/Periphery & Loathe at Roseland Theater March 21st, 2023

Like a fine wine, Underoath just keeps on getting better progressively over time. More than a decade into their career, we see them entering a rebirth stage. The next chapter sees new growth and a look back into the past. Manor 208 had to opportunity to catch a date on the Blind Obedience tour which Periphery & Loathe are support.

The first band to take to the stage was called “Loathe”. Loathe is a English Metalcore band from Liverpool, formed in 2014. They were voted 3rd most likely cotemporary band to break mainstream by Revolver Metal Magazine. A hybrid of sorts mixing Jazz, Metalcore, and even a little Emo influence into a punchy earthy sound. Long pauses in between songs allowed the songs to build up tension and momentum, the crowd’s reaction was well received. You could definitely feel the energy in the room, everyone was up off their feet enjoying the show. Loathe’s setlist included “Aggressive Evolution”, “New Face In The Dark”, “Screaming”, “Is It Really You?”, & “Gored”.

Periphery started out their set with a crowd pleasing favorite “Reptile” off the album “Hail Stan”. The setlist included “Ragnarok”, “Wildfire”, “Atropos”, & “Marigold”. Periphery is a very technical band drawing a lot of their influence from Meshuggah’s technical and low tune sound. Later this sound would be known as Djent becoming a sub-genre in metal music. It was nice to see Periphery perform since it’s been about a decade since they toured. At this point in the show people were sweaty, moving around and ready for more. They currently have a new album out called “Periphery V: Djent Is Not a Genre“.

Underoath played this room last year with Stray From The Path, Bad Omens, & Spiritbox. This tour was no different – an adrenaline enthralling experience. The lights went out, almost time for the band to make their way to the stage. A bright light lit up the whole floor as Spencer made his way to the microphone. Not wasting a minute they go head first into “It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door“. I’ve always liked this song because there is a chorus part where there is crowd participation singing the chorus back to the band.

Erase Me and Voyeurist was the rebirth period where Underoath became united as a band again. I feel like they are at their strongest now than they’ve ever been. Adding new additions to the setlist along with fan favorites keeps variety in the music. Some bright points in the setlist included “Damn Excuses”, “On My Teeth”, “Reinventing Your Exit”, & “Hallelujah”. They ended out the night with “A Boy Brushed Red Living in Black and White” & “Writing on the Walls”. This tour is for any diehard fans that want to experience the very best of what makes Underoath so great!

Check out Underoath’s new song “Let Go”.

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