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INTERVIEW: The Electric Sons and “Black Lotus”

The Electric Sons

Interview by: Alexie Jung

Following the release of their latest track “Black Lotus”, we got to chat with indie-alt duo The Electric Sons about their artistry, influences and goals.

– What inspired you to write “Black Lotus” and what is the story behind the song?

It started as a song about a particular Magic the Gathering playing card which has become really rare and valuable. A friend of mine sold his before it became famous, which led us to thinking about value and lost things.

– How would you describe the sound of “Black Lotus,” and how does it fit in with your overall musical style as a duo?

It’s definitely on the rockier side of our catalog. We’ve had a lot of fun making spread fuzz guitar licks recently and using 70s drum loops.

– How has the music scene in Atlanta influenced your sound and career as musicians?

I think we’ve been around a lot of RnB and hip-hop, which probably has seeped into our drums.

– You’ve been making music together for some time now. How has your creative process evolved over time, and how has your collaboration strengthened as a duo?

We’ve learned to let each other drift. I think early on we each tried to be so hands on with every song that you can sometimes end up stifling a tune. Now if one of us starts getting crazy, we encourage it.

– What’s next for The Electric Sons?

More songs and more shows!

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