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LIVE REVIEW: Spotlights at The Orpheum June 10, 2023


Photos and Review by: Joanna Foster

Lineup: The Darling Fire, Gillian Carter, Spotlights

Venue: The Orpheum, Tampa, FL

Date: June 10, 2023

Spotlights made a stop in Tampa at The Orpheum on the US tour for their new album Alchemy for the Dead. Opening for them was The Darling Fire and Gillian Carter. The Darling Fire led by Jolie Lindholm started off the night. There was a lot of sound and constant driving music behind her voice, but when her hauntingly ethereal vocals cut through, it was easy to hear the passion and emotion surrounding the lyrics. Gillian Carter came out next, and their excitement was contagious. Frontman Logan Rivera was mesmerizing to watch as he constantly catapulted around the stage full of raw energy, combining music with a physical performance that was charismatic and entertaining.

After some technical difficulties that delayed the start time of the show and the band’s set, Spotlights came to the stage to begin the night. A lot of the crowd had wandered around the venue, but as the band began to play, they drew the audience back in to the front of the stage. The three piece band made up of husband-and-wife Mario Quintero, vocalist/guitarist and Sarah Quintero, vocalist/bassist as well as Chris Enriquez, drummer, were captivating to watch as they became more free and comfortable throughout the set. The crowd continued to grow at the front of the stage, and several audience members interacted with the band, one even sharing a high-five with Mario toward the end. As the show was wrapping up, the audience continued to be even more engaged, dancing and moving to the music, and Spotlights finished the set powerfully with a guitar riff that had everyone crowding around the stage, entranced with the music and the band.

The Darling Fire

Gillian Carter


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