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Live Review: Trivium & Beartooth Paramount Theater June 15th, 2023


Today is last the day of the Trivium & Beartooth tour. A crowd of fans was already lined up a couple blocks from the venue eagerly awaiting doors to open. The Paramount Theater is located in the historical downtown district of Seattle. Once inside you are transcended back into time, the theater is outfitted with high ceilings, a wide balcony, and a handful of chandeliers. Making my way to the front of house, the floor is very big in size with lots of room for fans to mosh and move around.

The first band to take to the stage was Archetypes Collide. They are a band based out of Arizona and have been active since 2014. They first gained attention on SiriusXM’s Octane channel with releasing singles “Your Misery”, “Becoming What I Hate”, & “Above It All”, eventually working with Beartooth’s Oshie Bichar. The band mixes elements of pop, hard rock, metal, hard-core, & synth-wave. Their setlist included songs “Parasite”, “Destiny”, “One Step Closer”, and “Your Misery”.

The real breakout band on this tour that blew me away was Malevolence, hauling all the way from Sheffield, United Kingdom. They are an English heavy metal band who reminded me of Knocked Loose and Pantera with crunchy riffs, breakdowns, and guttural screams. They brought a lot of energy and had good crowd interaction on stage. A good in-between band before Beartooth took to the stage. Their setlist included “Malicious Intent”, “Life Sentence”, “Higher Place”, & “On Broken Glass”.

There is no introduction to be had for Beartooth. At their core it’s just rock and roll at it’s finest, raw, electrifying and in your face. Caleb Shomo has way too much fun & energy on stage. Every song is based off personal experiences like suicide, depression, sobriety, & even self doubt. He also took time out of the set to thank fans for being there and supporting live music. Without the fans this doesn’t happen and he went on to thank the crew for their hard work.

Towards the end their set, Caleb split the crowd in half jumped down into the mosh pit with his guitar and started a mosh pit with everyone. Probably one of the craziest moments I’ve seen at a show. The setlist included some heavy hitters such as “Disease”, “Beaten In Lips”, “Bad Listener”, “Hated”, “Riptide”, “The Past Is Dead”, & “The Last Riff”.

The last band to take to the stage was the legendary band Trivium. To keep things interesting they put a sheet in front of the stage to build up the anticipation. A spotlight shined to reveal Trivium’s logo. Seconds into the first song “The End Of Everything”, the sheet drops to reveal the whole band, catapulting the show into an adrenaline fueled set. The setlist included hits like “Rain”, “Strife”, “Feast of Fire”, & “Until The World Goes Cold”. Even Josh Baines from Malevolence came out for a song “The Heart From Your Hate”.

The production on the set pieces were top notch and very impressive. I kept on catching Matt Heafy sticking his tongue out when he was playing a solo. I also saw a lot of parents with their kids in the crowd, I could only imagine that this would be their first concert experience. Given how successful this tour was, we’ll definitely see these bands tour again in the future. “In The Court Of The Dragon” is out now on Spotify!

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