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Queen Bebe gives her fans the best night of their lives


Venue: The Fillmore, Silver Spring, Maryland

Date: June 21, 2023

Lineup: Bebe Rexha with Zolita

Article and photos by Jamie LeBlanc

One amazing part of arriving early to your concert is knowing that you’re going to get to run to the barrier and have a fantastic view of the show. The not so amazing part is the agonizing wait until the supporting acts start to rock the stage. This Wednesday was the unique exception to the otherwise “not so fun” wait. Fans were greeted by Arthur the Intern! Arthur was the most amazing little cat on a leash that was able to greet fans and offer comfort to those with anxiety. Our friends at Wolf Trap animal rescue made this all possible!

After Arthur and his entourage exited the area, it was time for pop sensation Zolita to serenade her fans and warm them up for Bebe Rexha! Zolita burst on to the stage with a black body suit that was adorned with sparkly gems. The only thing flashier than her suit, was her performance! Opening up with “I Fucking Love You” she quickly set the tone of the night. She bounced around stage with each song and made sure to continue to engage the crowd. One of her huge highlights was a cover of Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats”. Now, I am not sure about you, but I have never seen a venue full of pop fans that were so captivated by an artist, they were able to sing along to every word of a country song! All in all, Zolita gave an opening performance that seemed like a headliner.

Now it was time for the MAIN EVENT BEEEBEEEEEE REXHAAAAAA (Insert Micheal Buffer voice effect). Bebe came on to the stage in front of a gigantic LED screen clad in a green outfit that would make Poison Ivy very jealous. Her opening song was “I’m not High, I’m in love” and she made sure the fans knew how in love she was with them. Bebe was accompanied with an amazing band and two very skilled dancers that turned a regular concert into an exciting artistic event. While her voice, dancing, and overall show was beyond captivating you can’t help but respect Bebe for doing all this just days after being hit in the eye with a phone and receiving multiple stitches. The concert’s set list was a journey through the ages with some of her oldest hits to the newest number 1 “I’m Good”.

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