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INTERVIEW: Masseduction and “BLAME”


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We got to chat with Italian rock band Masseduction around the release of their new single “BLAME”.

– “BLAME” is an emotionally charged track. What was the inspiration behind the song and what message do you hope listeners take away from it?

Even though Masseduction’s journey has just begun, we have a clear vision of the path to define our identity. Blame is pretty close to the type of sound we want to adapt, the idea of expressing a few concepts with different musical languages. You can find many subtle influences like rock, pop, dance and edm. We see this song as a cathartic scream, a way to process common emotions such as anger and frustration, both towards others or just ourselves. It can be hard trying to keep them inside, Blame is definitely liberating.

 – The song was recorded across different locations globally. How did this international collaboration shape the final sound of the song and what were some of the challenges you faced during the recording process?

The first true obstacle in the making of a new song is who writes it: you get so involved in the process that sometimes you forget what the song needs and there’s the risk that you fail to convey what you initially wanted. That’s why teamwork is essential just as much as listening to advice from the outside. Luckily we are a very cooperative band, where individual ideas are always questioned to choose what’s better for the song. It’s not a coincidence that the first version we made is a lot different compared to the one everyone knows. In terms of sound, the band has a strong international vocation and that led us outside of our borders to reach those standards. John Catlin’s mix has been an incredible creative work, Brian Lucey mastering the cherry on top.

– Your band came together during the pandemic, which was a challenging time for musicians. How did the circumstances influence your creative process and the formation of Masseduction?Lockdown has been a tough time for everyone. Performing live was not an option, so the only way to run away without leaving home was to let loose our creativity. From this perspective the pandemic had a positive effect because it gave us time to bring our ideas to life.

– The band’s name, Masseduction, is intriguing. Can you tell us the story behind the name and how it represents the essence of your music?

We wanted a truly rock name, a bit swaggering and bold. It represents the main goal of Masseduction: to create mainstream songs hiding nuanced textures. Also regarding the lyrics, we’re not interested in talking by cliches. They’re driven by our lives, our emotions, our experiences. This is the only way to speak to a large audience.

– Your debut was a cover of Billie Eilish’s “NDA”, showcasing your distinctive style even with a cover. How important is it for the band to maintain its sound identity while experimenting with various genres and artists?

Taking songs distant from our genre and bringing them back to rock has been a fundamental process in understanding our direction. As music fans, we always talk about our influences, our inspirations. We love to reinterpret other people’s material and give it a “Masseduction treatment”. It was a tough job but exciting at the same time. It could teach you a ton about how to write a good song, a super useful way to build a more mature musical palette. It won’t be ultimately an isolated instance.

– What can fans look forward to in the near future from Masseduction? Any upcoming projects, collaborations, or tour plans that you’d like to share?

We have just finished recording what’s supposed to be our next single. It looks more to EDM territory, the challenge is to combine different worlds without compromising the integrity of our music. Once again we have involved our team in the arrangement phase, as well as John Catlin that will mix it by late august. We plan to release it between October and November. In the meantime we are working on a bunch of new ideas to develop more our sound.

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