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LIVE REVIEW: Melvins + Boris at Beer City Music Hall in Oklahoma City, OK on October 5, 2023


Photos and Review by: Daniel Merlino

Author’s Instagram: merlinofotografia

Lineup: Mr. Phylzzz, The Melvins, Boris

Date: October 5, 2023

Location: Beer City Music Hall, Oklahoma City, OK

Mr. Phylzzz

MR. PHYLZZZ STRUCK their first chord, drawing everyone’s attention with strength and sound. The Chicago-based two-piece are a “heavy wall of sound filled with hooky riffs and melodic vocals- creating a chaotic storm that’s well worth the painful wall of cranked amps and exploding drums.” (Mr. Phylzzz) I must say, they are one of the most interesting and entertaining bands I have seen in a long time. They displayed incredible energy and stage presence, ensuring an experience unlike any other. Guitarist and vocalist Clinton Jacobs used the entire stage, standing on monitors, eliciting distorted feedback from his amp, and even screaming to the crowd without a microphone. Drummer Danny Sein provided heavy rhythms which guided the audience along their path of monstrous sound.

Mr. Phylzzz are supporting The Melvins and Boris on the Twins of Evil Tour through 10/14/2023, performing songs from their debut album Penitent Curtis, their follow-up Cancel Culture Club, and newest release Fat Chance.

The Melvins

As a child and teenager, I read through every booklet contained within each cassette and CD I owned. Under each band’s section for ‘Special Thanks’ I lost count how many different bands claimed a special gratification to The Melvins. It seemed as if everyone was influenced by them one way or another. I did not yet know who they were and had to find out. Twenty-five years later, I’m still a huge fan. This was only the second time I had seen them live, but they continue to impress and destroy. ‘Wall of sound’ doesn’t quite capture it, but the balance of guitar and bass with HEAVY drums just decimates. It’s so rare that a three-piece (although Melvins have had many different configurations over the years) exerts so much sound, so much power, so many great riffs.

The Melvins are touring on their 1991 album Bullhead, and many more songs over their discography. They will continue the Twins of Evil tour through 10/16 ending in San Diego.


Originally named after a Melvins song of the same name, Boris formed in 1992 in Tokyo, Japan. They are touring on their Heavy Rocks album from 2002 co-headlining with The Melvins.

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