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On The Rise With: Kailey Marshall (VIDEO)


Kailey Marshall is a New-York based songwriter who recently released her debut studio album, Ghostwriter, on January 28, 2022. Manor 208 chatted with Marshall on her album release date to learn about her creative process for the album, her background in musical theatre and whether that influenced her creative process, and what’s next in the world of Kailey Marshall.

“I hope people walk away from listening to this album having danced or bopped through most of it. I hope they had fun. And I hope they get to assign a moment to it.” says Marshall in a press release about the album.

Ghostwriter is a concept album centered around a pop singer, “Ghost”, who leaves an abusive relationship with her girlfriend and manager who rediscovers her creativity upon meeting and falling in love with a fellow songwriter as they cultivate a new sound together.

Stream Ghostwriter here.

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