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Top artists I have stumbled upon on TikTok (So Far…)


It’s no doubt that TikTok quickly became most of the world’s new social media addiction over the past few years. With the mass amount of content constantly flooding the app, and it’s user friendly interface to just swipe to the next video, TikTok has given many content creators a simple platform to showcase videos to millions in just seconds. Whether you are on the makeup side of the platform, or the gaming side, it’s pretty safe to assume you have likely stumbled across some amazing new music in the process. Personally, I believe one of the biggest things TikTok has done since its inception is the fact it has allowed musicians of all genres to share their music to a larger range of people, almost acting as a new age version of what YouTube was back in its early days. Due to this, the app has allowed already established and independent musicians the ability to easily share their music. Some artists are finding success with their songs becoming “TikTok songs”, or just going viral with thousands of views. This phenomena has allowed artists the chance to fall into the mainstream by having their songs shared in users personal videos as background audio. Whether the songs are used in the background of comedy videos, challenge videos, or have dances created to match, it’s clear that our ability to find new music and artists is possibly now easier than ever. 

Recently, I’ve found a sea of new artists in a massive range of genres. So, in no particular order, here are my top artists I have stumbled upon on TikTok (So far…)

1. Bailey Zimmerman 

Starting off our list with a bit of modern country is Bailey Zimmerman, a 22 year old artist that I found because of his song “Change” on TikTok. Though he is classified as country, his music feels like a mix of country, rock, and pop all in one. With his soulful and raspy vocals, there was no denying his music would be something I would very quickly grow quite fond of. 


RØRY found their way onto my feed with their song “Uncomplicated”, a track highlighting their younger years. With lyrics highlighting their life before music and what their teenage and young adult life was like, it’s a track that causes one to reminisce on what life used to be like and where they are now. Their sound gives off a similar sound to Paramore, Avril Lavigne, and even Tonight Alive. 


If you are on the “Yallternative” side of TikTok, it’s safe to assume you have recently heard this band’s cover of country icons Rascal Flatts song “What Hurts The Most”. This cover seemed to explode over night for the group, finding its way onto thousands of videos in the matter of a couple days. Establishing a pretty incredible start with this badass cover, the band has a true to roots  metalcore sound that made this cover feel like it belonged on one of the “Punk Goes…” CDs we all used to look forward to hearing back in the day. 

4. Jeris Johnson

One of my absolute favorites on this list is one I feel everybody has probably heard at this point, Jeris Johnson. Whether you love his style or hate it, there’s no denying his take on “Modern Rock” is quite ear catching. With remixes of some of the genre’s most iconic songs, such as Papa Roach’s “Last Resort”, Johnson’s creative style and remixes of countless songs is incredible to hear along with his original tracks. 

5. Chase Matthew

Yet another country artist on this list is Chase Matthew, finding success with his hit “County Line”. He seemingly took over TikTok last summer, and has easily become one of my most played artists. Similar to Bailey Zimmerman, Chase Matthew has yet another unique take on the genre mixing elements of country, rock, and pop together in a way that makes for hard hitting songs both in his lyrics and instrumentals.

Although this list only has 5 artists listed, There are thousands of incredible musicians on this app with so much talent. I cannot wait to find more to share in another list in the future!

Who are your favorite artists you’ve found because of TikTok? Feel free to share with us who we should check out next and add to the list! 

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I’m Alexia or, as some know me, The Photographer with the cons! I am also the founder and editor of 208. I started in music when I was 14 and I’ve been involved ever since!

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