Photos And Review By: Militza Reyna

Artist: Andy Grammer, Francis Karel

Date: June 1st, 2022

Location: The Majestic Theatre – Dallas, TX

After seeing a little bit of rain the City of Dallas welcomed Andy Grammer’s “The Art of Joy Tour Pt. 2” on June 1st, 2022.

The fans started lining up just as the evening started to cool down, right as the clock hit 7 pm the doors were open and fans were allowed to go in and take a seat in the historic theater. 

For the first time in Dallas, Francis Karel who is originally from Jakarta, Indonesia, opened the night up. His set list included songs like “Holding on”, “Two Spaces in Between “, “Like All My Friends” and the unreleased song “Small Talk” that is set to be released on June 30th so make sure to pre-save the song here

As Francis exited the stage, the crowd gave him a standing ovation for the great performance. Hopefully, this won’t be the last time that Dallas sees Francis. 

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As the lights dimmed down fans eagerly started cheering and clapping as Andy Grammer and his band took center stage. Andy started his set with the Spoken Poem “Damn It Feels Good To Be Me” that transitioned into the song of the same title. His set list included “Back Home” “I Found You” “Honey, I’m Good” which got the crowd singing and dancing, “Saved My Life” and “Joy” a song that was inspired by his mom’s best friend.

He also performed the song “Love Myself” , a love song that he wrote to himself as a reminder that we also have to love ourselves. 

As he performed his poem “New Money” that he used to transition into his song “Love Is The New Money”. Andy and the crowd sang “Happy Birthday” to a young fan by the name Brooke that was turning 10 years old

He ended the night with “Don’t Give Up On Me” but not before mentioning “what an incredible night” and reminded the crowd “don’t turn down your shine, keep it at an 11” 

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