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INTERVIEW: Pete Beat and ‘Another Galaxy’

Pete Beat

Interview by: Alexie Jung

Picture ©Victoria Wai

British artist Pete Beat released a new single ‘Another Galaxy’ and we had a chat with him for the occasion.

Hi Pete Beat – thanks for your time! Can you start by introducing yourself?

Hello! I’m a singer, songwriter, and producer from Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. I’m shortly going to be releasing my fourth album. I record everything in my home studio, which I’ve been doing for many years! 

Who are your main influences?

Musically: The Beach Boys. Lyrically: Morrissey. Also The Beatles, The Doors, David Bowie, Frank Sinatra, and various disco and dance music. 

You’ve just released a new single, ‘Another Galaxy’, what’s the story behind it?

It’s about being unable to solve other people’s problems for them, despite dearly wanting to. Despite this, it’s quite an upbeat disco influenced track. 

Your new album ‘The Strange Museum ‘ will be released in April. The tracks refer to a very personal part of your life when you were diagnosed with schizophrenia. What made you want to talk about it openly?

These days lots of people talk about mental illness: anxiety, depression and OCD. But precious few people talk about schizophrenia. It has such a stigma around it. I wanted to talk about it so you can see that, while this doesn’t happen for everyone, it is possible to make a full recovery. I’d also credit writing and recording songs as a big healer. 

Other than the album coming soon, do you have any plans in the next few months?

I have an Android/Windows game coming out in March which is related to the album. I’m also planning a gig to launch the album in April or May. I’m busy recording for future releases. I’d also like to write a musical but I can’t get started!

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