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Interview by: Alexie Jung

Following the release of his first 2023 single, we got to chat with indie-pop/alternative artist NJaM. ‘Glitch’ is influenced by a slew of artists in the indie pop/alt/electronic genres. From Khai Dreams, Rex Orange County to boy pablo or Brakence, they all contributed to the inspired sound of the song.

Hey! What’s the inspiration behind your stage name NJaM?

NJaM is something I landed on after a lot of struggle trying to find a name. It’s just my initials, NJM, with an ‘a’ smashed in there. I thought it was visually appealing and fun to say!

– You’ve just released ‘Glitch’, an alt-pop song about mistrust. What influenced the track?

The lyrical content of the track came quite naturally to me, wanting your partner to be open and transparent with you. In terms of production, I was heavily influenced by the music Khai Dreams has been putting out recently, alongside people who are really pushing what the production on a pop track can sound like, Brakence for example.

– There’s also a music video. What was the inspiration behind the video?

I always strive to have my art, the music, come first. So when it came to the music video, I wanted to make sure the music video was further serving the story of the song. The song is obviously about being lied to, wanting truth, being treated like a fool per se. So I thought dressing up as a clown would really convey that. I also just wanted the video to be very wacky, the song is called ‘Glitch’ after all!

– What’s your favorite song you’ve released so far and why?

I’m really proud of how ‘Glitch’ turned out. I was pushing my boundaries in every way, especially the production. It is definitely something very different than what I’m used to and the music I’ve put out in the past.

– What are your goals a year from now?

Growth in every way. And I don’t mean that in strictly music terms, I mean that in every way possible. I’m trying be more of a patient person for example. I would love to collaborate with more artists, producers, and engineers, alongside continuing to push my boundaries when it comes to my lyrics and production.

– Where can your fans reach you?




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