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Walking into the National in Richmond Virginia, your main focal point is a stage large and deep enough for any huge headlining show. While this can be a spectacle, if you look around you’ll soon realize you’re in not only a concert venue; but rather an elegant theater like environment!  There are small balconies to the left and right coupled with a huge balcony with comfortable seating.

By now you might be asking yourself why I’m reviewing a venue and not the main act. Much like the duality of the beauty and big venue power of the National, Tove Lo matched that energy and then some! Coupled with an exciting support show from Slayyyter, Tove lo came to bring every emotion possible out of her fans. She set the stage in a nude silicone body suit and absolutely OWNED IT. The energy level from the crowd filled the venue to the point were you could feel the reverb from the voices! Tove Lo performs like it’s her last time ever being in front of an audience. Singing at full capacity hitting every note perfectly and danced like no one is watching. While performing her new hit “2 Die 4” you saw her eyes light up with joy busting into a full dance party during the instrumental breakdown which then turned into a stadium worthy light show! On lookers were invited to see the deeper side of Tove lo as she talked about the struggles with the harsher side of the world.

Words could not explain the appreciation I have for the raw heartfelt message she had. The next few songs had the crowd enjoying the emotional side of her set but the party wasn’t over until the beat came back in and we ended the night partying with more hits! I came to The National on February 8th to review a concert and left a Fan. 

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