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Before the show on February  23rd at The National in Richmond Virginia, I decided to brush up on my Lotus playlist on Spotify. I noticed at the bottom of their page they are described as “Psychedelic rock with influences of electronic dance, funk, post rock, and dance rock”. As I read that I was reminded of the classic quote from Blades of Glory “What does that even mean”” Nobody knows what that means, but its provocative, it gets the people GOING”. To me, there is no better way to describe a Lotus concert. You don’t have to be a fan, or even know their music to enjoy one of their shows! I kept finding myself watching the crowd of hundreds of people simply “vibing” along with an insanely talented Jam band. 

Lotus broke up their show into two sets that night. The first set could be described as a slow build to get the crowd ready for what would come. While waiting for the show to resume, a fan requested me to take a photo of two fans getting engaged! He was explaining to me that the couple fell in love listing to Lotus and couldn’t think of a better time to pop the question (Insert heart emoji). In the second, Lotus came out swinging with some songs that got the crowd switching between a “flowy vibing” dance to an all out jump around party! Bottom line, if you ever have a chance to attend a show, call your inner NIKE and JUST DO IT!

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