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As I make my way down the infamous I-95 at 11:30 on March 11th I can’t shake this feeling of ringing in my ears. Now, this was primarily due to a rookie mistake of leaving my ear plugs at home. What you may not know is that this ringing didn’t start in the photo pit in front of 50-foot speakers … it happened in the crowd. As I am in the pit, I take a second to stop shooting, lower my camera, and turn around to notice the 6000+ fans in the SOLD-OUT Anthem were making more noise than the concert itself. Its not often you get to hear 6000+ people at a concert screaming in excitement at the same time, but that’s what happened. To be honest, it never really stopped. 

From the moment Keshi stepped foot on the stage, the POP of the crowd was deafening in the absolute best way. He got the crowd going with “GET IT” and the party never really stopped after. Keshi switched up the vibe every now and then with an acoustic mini set, and a beautiful performance of “Understand”. He had the uncanny ability to switch the pitch of his voice to produce all different types of emotions from the crowd. From song-to-song you’ll never know if you’re going to be dancing, jumping, smiling, or in your feels. I asked one fan what she thought of the show, in which I heard back “this is the greatest night of my life”. The night ended with an EXPLOSION of confetti that consumed the crowed in a movie-like multicolored cloud of happiness.

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