Home » It’s Not a Phase with Hawthorne Heights 

Photo and review by: Jamie LeBlanc (Three Bears and a Cat Photography)

Venue: The National, Richmond, VA

Date: April 8th, 2023 

Hawthorne Heights proved it was never a phase, ITS A LIFE STYLE! While this was the last night of their “Pitch Black Forever” tour, they made the night feel electric! Lead singer JT Woodruff’s vocals were on point throughout the entire show, and his emotional delivery of the song’s lyrics was truly moving. The crowd loved the fact that he often paused between songs to discuss what it meant to the band. In particular, JT talked about the importance of social media moderation and the power of good parenting. 

All in all, Hawthorne Heights put on a concert that will be remembered for a long time to come. Their passion, energy, and incredible talent made for an unforgettable evening. After the set, I talked to a few fans and they had similar stories, “Tonight was incredible, HH has the ability to make me feel so many emotions all at once in the best ways!”

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