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Lovejoy Rocks the Yanks Across the Pond One More Time


Lineup: Lovejoy

Venue: Howard Theater, Washington, D.C.

Date: June 6, 2023

Photos and Review by: Jamie LeBlanc

With a sold out crowd at the historic Howard Theater in Washington DC, Lovejoy proved that they are a powerhouse to be reckoned with! Lovejoy is an Indie rock quartet from Brighton, England that formed in 2021. Aside from deep cutting but fun tracks, their success was spearheaded by frontman William Gold’s Twitch streams and overall social media impact. They also quickly partnered with AWAL and stated their own independent record company ANVIL CAT. It’s safe to say a band that grips their fans attention with music, social media, and a sound economic mind will be around for a long time!

Lovejoy burst on to the stage Wednesday evening with their hit song “Call Me What You Like” to an ecstatic cheer from the crowd. Typically during shows you expect small breaks of crowd noise in-between sets, this was the exception. The fans were screaming from start to finish, often lighting up the entire venue with cell phone flashlights on high waving them like the lighters of olden days. Lovejoy played an impressive 13 song set with not one but TWO encores. On the way out of the venue I decided to grab a shirt to commemorate such an amazing performance but was amazed to see they were almost entirely sold out of merch! In the words of a fan that made the THIRTEEN hour drive from Florida, to Washington DC “Lovejoy’s music brings light to the darkest times and seeing them live is a moment I’ll never forget”.

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