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LIVE REVIEW: Pierce the Veil at the Hard Rock Event Center May 26, 2023


Photos and Review by: Joanna Foster

Lineup: DeathbyRomy, Don Broco, Pierce the Veil

Venue: Hard Rock Event Center, Tampa, FL

Date: May 26, 2023

The Tampa stop of the Creative Control tour had everything: high octane energy, intimate and emotional moments, constant crowd participation and excitement, and a fully engaged lineup of artists that left you feeling like you just saw multiple headliners in a big arena.

DeathbyRomy started off the night, and every band member was fully committed to every moment on the stage. They all exhibited an ease and comfort while performing, and that made it easy for the crowd to become immediately engaged in the set. The band used the full stage to move around and lean in to the audience, and DeathbyRomy’s vocal range was dynamic and detailed, leaving us all wanting a longer set.

Don Broco was up next, and no amount of words or description can fully prepare you for how impressive this band is live. There was an electric energy from start to finish, and lead singer, Rob Damiani, was captivating and charismatic. He engaged the crowd constantly and got everyone jumping with him and the band throughout the set. The band had an alluring stage presence, delivering a fun and masterful performance of their music, and the audience continually cheered and applauded until they left the stage.

The crowd was visibly excited for Pierce the Veil to take the stage, and many people were happily documenting their experience by taking photos and videos with their friends while standing in the general admission area. Pierce the Veil built up the anticipation by dropping a curtain in front of the stage, hiding their entrance from the crowd and creating a fun, dramatic opening to their set. As soon as the curtain dropped, the audience went wild and started cheering and applauding. The band continued building the drama as a huge burst of confetti and smoke shot into the crowd. From start to finish, the band played like they were in a huge arena, igniting a raw energy and giving the feel of a large production even with a minimal set. With every song, the crowd cheered louder, sang along even more passionately, and there were lots of emotions visible on the faces in the audience. Halfway through the show, lead singer, Vic Fuentes called for someone from the audience to come and sit on stage while they played “Hold on Till May”. After the song ended, Vic called ‘Rachel’ back up on stage to gift them his guitar. This was a special, intimate moment, something very unexpected, and the entire audience was swept up in it as they watched it happen.

Pierce the Veil is a band that puts on a live show that anyone could enjoy whether you’re a long-time fan or a new one. Their care and appreciation for their fans is evident, and the passion they each have for sharing their music with the audience made this a spectacular show to witness.

Pierce the Veil setlist 5/26/23
Death of an Executioner
Bulls in the Bronx
Pass the Nirvana
Emergency Contact
Hold On Till May
Southern Constellations
The Boy Who Could Fly
King for a Day

Click here for tickets to see Pierce the Veil on the Creative Control tour which continues in the US through the first week of July.

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