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Lost Souls Found: L.S. Dunes’ Electrifying Sold-Out Show at Irving Plaza Takes Fans on an Unforgettable Journey


Photos and Review by Joanna Foster | Lineup: Pinkshift, L.S. Dunes | Irving Plaza, NYC | July 17, 2023

Not even the summer heat could deter L.S. Dunes fans from eagerly showing up to the sold out show at Irving Plaza in New York City. This is the band’s second tour since the release of their debut album, Past Lives, last year in November, and their instantaneous success has been unmatched.

L.S. Dunes is a band full of well-known names from the emo, alternative and hardcore music scenes, including frontman and vocalist Anthony Green (Circa Survive/Saosin/The Sound of Animals Fighting), guitarists Frank Iero (My Chemical Romance), Travis Stever (Coheed and Cambria), drummer Tucker Rule (Thursday) and bassist Tim Payne (Thursday). Despite the storied success of each of these projects, L.S. Dunes has repeatedly insisted that they shouldn’t be called a supergroup, and they’ve already proven that the label is unnecessary. Past Lives is an album full of desperation and raw vulnerability, and it showcases the talents of each of the band members throughout the tracks. But beyond the musical skills of the band, the songs exhibit an overwhelming passion and joy – despite the somber lyrics – and this has connected immediately and deeply with fans all over the world.

Fans lined up outside of Irving Plaza hours early, with the crowd quickly wrapping around the building well before the doors opened. There was constant laughter and chatting outside, and many fans brought their own handmade bracelets, pins, keychains, and art to gift to others in the line. In just a short time, L.S. Dunes has garnered and encouraged a strong community – lovingly referred to as ‘Lost Souls’ by the band – both online and at their shows, often sharing fans’ art on social media and including attendees in videos with band members. Many people have met friends or traveled with friends to a show, and even more have found comfort and inspiration through the music and lyrics and interactions with the band members. I was able to interview some of the fans excitedly waiting for the show, and they all were willing to openly share their thoughts about the band.

Cassidy O.

What’s your favorite memory about the band or a show?
When they played in Philly last fall at First Unitarian Church. That was the show I camped out for so I got to meet so many people. The venue was so tiny, it was in a church basement, you’re basically on the stage, Anthony was in the crowd, you could just tell the energy was so up at that night. I think that was definitely it. The whole overall vibes of the whole show, you’re all in the same area for the same thing. I love that unity.

Has the band or music ever inspired you to change something about yourself?
Yes, I like to draw, I call myself an artist, but I don’t like giving myself that label. I’m a fan of so many bands, I have so many interests, but for some odd reason, this band is my muse. I don’t know why, but the amount of things that I could draw based on them or design compared to all of the other bands, they are up there. Because of them, I started drawing more and being more confident in my art and sharing it out there.


Has the band or a song ever inspired you to change something about yourself?
It’s definitely inspired me to go back to my artistic side. I went to art school, and then when I came out of art school, I was shoved into a retail job which then led to a different retail job and now I work in publishing, and I feel a change in the wind. 

If you could send a message to the band, what would you say?
Thanks for keeping me alive. I know a lot of people probably say that, but it feels particularly relevant with Dunes specifically.

Ara T. (left) Mariel (right)
Answers provided by Ara

What’s your favorite song and why?
The song that I listen to the most is probably Grey Veins. It’s very empowering to hear the lines “I don’t wanna kill time like it doesn’t matter” and “you don’t have to believe in anything” after spending the last few years coming to those conclusions as I’ve grown and healed. 

If you could send a message to the band, what would you say?
Thank you, thank you thank you for just being so honest about what’s it like to live with a chronic mental illness, and I think there’s a lot of hiding that happens, you want to say I’m okay, I’m fine, I don’t want to talk about it, but having that honesty and being able to stand in a room with 1,300 people and all be united by that message is really special.

Meaghan D.

What’s your favorite memory about the band?
Riot Fest, their first show where they had only had Permanent Rebellion out, and everybody went so hard for every song and were crowdsurfing, and we didn’t know any of the words. And then the one song we did know, Anthony was like “hey you guys might know this one”, and so I got up to crowdsurf, and I think I was the first one to crowdsurf for their set.

What’s your favorite song and why?
Permanent Rebellion because it was the immediate hook when they released it, and then saw them at their first performance, and it was just everything I love about My Chemical romance and Circa and heavy music.

Maddi W. (left) Peyton (right)
Answers provided by Maddi

What’s your favorite song and why?
My favorite L.S. Dunes song is probably Sleep Cult for the emotional factor and how much I genuinely relate to it. I can’t really explain the feeling this song gives me – it’s a sense of belonging, and it makes me feel that I’m genuinely not alone in what I’m feeling. The line in that song that really hits home for me is, “Burn up on the only bridge that you had kept/ watch the world in rich amazement/ I’m not meant to be here”.

If you could send a message to the band, what would you say?
Just keep doing what you’re doing. This debut album – there’s not one flaw about this, it is so perfect musically and lyrically. I would love to see different directions that you head in, but wherever you’re going right now is the perfect path. It’s a good combination of everybody’s talents, all in one band all together, it’s gorgeous.

As the venue doors opened, there was a tangible energy that passed from one person to the next, and that energy continued to build as the crowd moved inside to wait anxiously for the show to begin. Opening for L.S. Dunes was Pinkshift, a punk rock band that formed in 2019 and has already garnered a strong and dedicated fanbase. The band is led by vocalist Ashrita Kumar who burst onto the stage and captivated the audience from the minute their set began. Ashrita is an incredible powerhouse and genuine performer with a spectacular stage presence that makes you think the band has been together and performing for for a decade. Guitarist Paul Vallejo thrashed and riffed around the stage with an endless amount of energy, and drummer Myron Houngbedji kept the crowd dancing as he powered the room with an unwavering rhythm. They played through multiple tracks from their album Love Me Forever and EP Saccharine, and Ashrita dazzled with driving, passionate vocals that were full of grit and deep emotion. Pinkshift puts on a huge live show that feels bigger than even the 1,200 person capacity of the venue, and they were a perfect choice to get the crowd even more hyped up for the rest of the night.

L.S. Dunes took the stage in their now traditional way, with drummer Tucker Rule stepping out first and ushering the rest of the band on with an infectious drum beat. Before the whole band was even on the stage, the entire crowd was already in a frenzy of excitement, and a loud roar of cheering immediately started. Anthony Green gazed out at the crowd and lifted his hand in greeting in a briefly still moment before “Bombsquad” kicked off the setlist. As soon as the guitars started, the audience grew even more energetic, and the band delivered the same energy back as they thrashed around the stage. Bassist Tim Payne always leaves everything on the stage, but this night was extra special, and he often played right at the front of the stage, hoisting his bass up in the air and delighting especially the fans in the front.

The crowd was wildly energetic and multiple crowdsurfers had already taken their journey over the tops of the audience’s heads by the time the second song “Like Forever” ended. Fists were pumping in the air in time to the music, and the audience was ready when the music cut off and Anthony turned the mic to the crowd during “Grey Veins”. The whole building of voices singing “I don’t wanna kill time like it doesn’t matter” back to the band is an experience you’ll never forget, just one of the many things that make seeing L.S. Dunes live a necessity. Alex L., a fan attending the show said that this was a favorite moment of the night, “There is something so magical to be part of and listen to all these people who are having the same collective experience as you shout at the top of their lungs in the echoing void.”

There’s an undeniable joy that radiated from each of the band members as they played through their 12 song setlist. Frank Iero and Travis Stever ripped around the stage hitting riff after riff with an electric level of enthusiasm. Tucker Rule might be sitting in the shadows behind the drum kit the whole night, but that doesn’t stop him from ripping with dynamic energy and a wide smile. Anthony Green led the band with crystal clear vocals and an ever-present level of emotion as he delivered the lyrics with a passion that the whole room could feel. There is a large, powerful sound that accompanies every song, and it would be difficult to think of any other voice that could be better suited to blend but rise through that energy and clearly deliver the expressive melody lines and lyrics that have quickly become anthems for many fans.

The band’s newly released song Benadryl Subreddit which seemed to be crafted with the intention of thrilling fans in a live setting was a massive hit. Liv Z., a fan that attended the show was ecstatic to hear the song and said “It delivered every ounce of that gritty power it exudes on the single, but to hear an entire crowd scream ‘We won’t go back ever again’ in unison was an unforgettable moment. It was wild. The crowd was so into every song during this specific show, but this song live was absolutely killer. It was also so great to see the entire band thoroughly enjoy playing this song (as well as every other song they played). They know they’ve touched on something special and that was felt that night.”

There’s something truly spectacular about the way that the band interacts and connects with the fans even from on the stage. The whole building became united throughout the night, people were no longer strangers, maybe even some became friends as they screamed the same words together with each other and with the band. When a band cultivates this kind of connection and has such an electric chemistry with each other, it’s easy to understand why they are selling out venues and have fans that are sometimes traveling across the country to catch a live show. I think Anthony Green said it best when he said “Thanks for making this shit so much fun. We love you.”

L.S. Dunes continues their summer tour in the US through next month, and will be on tour with Pierce the Veil this fall. Tickets are on sale for both tours now and can be found here.

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