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Lift The Curse Returns For A Sonic Journey Through Texas Nostalgia With “Kingsbury”


The heart of Texas is home to more than just vast landscapes and cowboy legends; it’s also the birthplace of the electrifying hard rock/metal duo, Lift The Curse.

One striking aspect of Lift The Curse’s music is how Ryan Hegefeld and Jon Yadon Jr seamlessly complement each other’s skills. Their eight-year collaboration has culminated in a musical philosophy that centers around the art of songwriting. This duo has found the perfect balance in co-creating their tracks. Ryan takes the lead on vocals, guitar, and drums, while Jon adds his touch with guitar, bass, and background vocals. The result is a harmonious blend of talent that ignites the senses.

Taking listeners on a sonic odyssey, “Kingsbury” begins with a tranquil allure that captivates from the outset. As the composition evolves, it embarks on an exhilarating ascent, culminating in an unforgettable chorus that lingers long after the music fades. Fueling this crescendo, Ryan’s commanding vocals inject the piece with unfiltered passion and intensity. Simultaneously, Jon’s exceptional guitar prowess elevates the track to unprecedented heights of sonic euphoria.

The song’s origins can be traced back to the acoustic version featured on their recent album, “Suffer And Survive”, released on June 30th. It was always part of the plan to craft a full electric version of this standout track.

Ryan shares the song’s heartfelt meaning, explaining that “Kingsbury” is a homage to his Texas ranch, a place that holds a special place in his heart. It’s a testament to the personal nostalgia that infuses their music, creating a connection with the listeners that goes beyond the auditory.

In “Kingsbury”, Lift The Curse invites listeners on a musical journey that taps into the wellspring of personal nostalgia while delivering an impressive experience that showcases their undeniable talent and boundless passion.

For fans eager to experience Lift The Curse’s electrifying performance live, mark your calendars for GRIMFEST in San Marcos, Texas, on October 30th.

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