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The Avenues Unveil Indie-Rock Gem “Another Movie”


The Avenues, a UK-based rising indie-rock sensation, have once again graced us with their musical prowess in the form of their latest single, “Another Movie”. This track is nothing short of a sonic masterpiece that cements the band’s position as a formidable force in the indie-rock genre.

From their humble beginnings in 2018, The Avenues have been on an upward trajectory, and “Another Movie” is yet another milestone in their journey. Their impressive track record includes sold-out shows in their hometown and sharing stages with notable acts such as Spector, The K’s, and The Royston Club. The band’s electric live performances have left audiences across the nation spellbound, and their earlier works like “Every Morning” and “Admit Nothing” have hinted at their immense potential.

Comprising Tom Foston on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Ollie Brown on lead guitar and backing vocals, Joe Galloway on bass and backing vocals, and Kurt Jackson on drums and backing vocals, The Avenues are a cohesive unit with a unique sound. Their music is characterized by a blend of indie-rock melodies that paint a vivid emotional landscape, oscillating between frantic energy and a touch of summery warmth.

In “Another Movie”, lead singer and songwriter Tom Foston draws inspiration from the simple yet profound act of escaping the relentless anxieties of daily life through lazy days spent with friends. This track’s emotional depth and authenticity are palpable, making it easy for listeners to connect on a personal level. It’s a testament to the band’s ability to convey genuine emotions through their music

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