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Photos and Review by Jamie LeBlanc

Line up: Games We Play, Mayday Parade, All Time Low

Venue: The National, Richmond, Virginia

Date: June 14, 2023

At a sold out show Wednesday night at The National in Richmond, Games We Play took the stage. Now for those of you that don’t know, GWP is a newer Emo/Punk Trio that gained massive popularity from TikTok! The band mixes new but familiar All Time Low(ish) vibes with fun story telling during their concerts. Fans loved the break between songs where you really got to know all of the band members. GWP received loud POPS from the Audience when playing their hits “Get a job” and “Hey Ben” which is actually a collaboration with Hoodie Allen.

Next up was the iconic MAYDAY PARADE! When looking out to the screaming crowd, I couldn’t help but notice fans of all different ages. We’re not taking from 20-40, there was one concert-goer that was 68, and another that was celebrating her 5th birthday (we will get back into that later). Mayday had an impressive 45 minute set that not only included their hits, but also a fantastic cover of “Somebody That I Used to Know”. The party wasn’t over until they played “Jamie All Over” to end the night.

Last but not least, the reason you all came, ALL TIME LOW! ATL came out to a hybrid version of PMA, starting on a rose covered piano and transitioning into the hard hitting ATL we all know. It was the ear shattering screams from the crowd that really made me realize “This band has been touring for TWENTY years, and still got it”. The entire band kept the “old days” energy of running around and jumping on stage. To be honest, this felt more like a rager at Warped Tour than a theater performance, but that’s what makes All Time Low so special. Be sure to check out their new album that just dropped “Tell Me I’m Alive” and new hit “Calm Down”. Will I be back to another All Time Low show soon? All I can tell you is DEAR MARIA, COUNT ME IN!

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