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LIVE REVIEW: Waterparks at House of Blues in Orlando, Florida


Photos and Review by: Joanna Foster

Lineup: Sophie Powers, Hunny, Waterparks

Venue: House of Blues, Orlando, FL

Date: June 2, 2023

Waterparks has sold out shows all around the country on the Property tour, and the House of Blues in Orlando was no exception. Many fans lined up early outside of the venue, braving the afternoon thunderstorm to wait anxiously for the show. From the minute the doors opened, there was an almost tangible feeling of excitement, and the crowd had fun interacting with each other as they waited for the show. Some broke out in happy chants or singing, many snapped photos with each other, and it was already a fun atmosphere even before the show began.

Sophie Powers and Hunny opened the show and gave two memorable and powerful sets. Both bands got the crowd moving, and there was a lot of energy and cheering for both. The venue was completely full for both openers, and the audience enthusiastically interacted and sang along.

Sophie Powers


The Waterparks entrance made the crowd go wild. The band leans heavily into theatrics and creating drama, and it makes the show immersive and spectacular. The production, set, lighting is grand but also not overly complex. Even though they brought a grandiose experience from start to finish, it was full of personal connection between the band and the fans. Awsten Knight, lead singer and guitarist, is dynamically charismatic and a born stage performer. He spoke to the audience often and bantered with people in the crowd, making the experience intimate and informal between the energetic delivery of the vocals and guitar riffs.

This was a well-crafted show and setlist with Waterparks playing a variety of songs from their catalog. They have a unique capacity to pull off a huge arena style production while still inserting unplanned moments to speak to the crowd (pointing out an audience member with no shoes in the balcony), play a hauntingly beautiful acoustic track and still manage to keep the momentum of the show going throughout. The audience was captivated until the band exited the stage, and this is easily one of top live shows I’ve experienced this whole year.

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