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LIVE REVIEW: Broken Social Scene at Tower Theatre in Oklahoma City, OK on September 18, 2023


Broken Social Scene ignites the stage at Tower Theatre in OKC on the 20th anniversary of ‘You Forgot It In People’ with friend and guest Hannah Georgas

Photos and Review by: Daniel Merlino

Author’s Instagram: merlinofotografia

Lineup: Hannah Georgas, Broken Social Scene

Date: September 18, 2023

Location: Tower Theatre, Oklahoma City, OK

Hannah Georgas

THE MUSIC BROUGHT on a soothing mood and vibe, washing over the crowd as I snapped photos. I realized I was so calm and enveloped that it moved me into a fantastic flow state. Instead of riding the influx of adrenaline with rapid shutter speeds, I slowed down and swayed into each frame. Grooving through the photo pit instead of a crazed dash to and fro. Even though this is my introduction to Hannah Georgas’s music, I think it will make a permanent rotation for any future portrait and studio photo work.

The Canadian singer-songwriter expressed heartfelt and honest lyrics through sultry tones and flowing backing rhythms. Hannah Georgas continues on tour through December across North America.

Broken Social Scene

The set started with co-founder Brendan Canning calmly walking out on stage and handing an awe-struck fan a signed vinyl record. The rest of Broken Social Scene hit the stage under darkness, jumping and launching into their first song. With such a small photo pit, I had to actually dive out of the way while guitars and feet swung from the stage out towards the crowd barrier.

Broken Social Scene are celebrating the 20th anniversary of their critically acclaimed second studio album, You Forgot It In People. They also played songs off of frontman and co-founder Kevin Drew’s new album, Aging. They danced, laughed, strummed, and brought the crowd along a twenty year journey, through their lives and through each person’s life in the crowd. They started handing out signed boxes of cereal, Count Chocula as far as I could tell, and people went crazy for it.

Their set list was an emotional ride, one shared by hundreds of smiling and dancing people expressing love and kindness. This may have been the most polite concert I have been to in a long time. The band expressed gratitude and told stories throughout the night. They even shared how they recruited an OKC local trombone player, who apparently got the phone call around 5:30PM the day of the show.

Broken Social Scene continue their tour through December, catch them and enjoy hours of beautiful music, laughs, and self-reflection.

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